Blazed Ham
Cold ham on a hot Christmas Day is a traditional Aussie delight. Fire up your holiday spirit with our easy-done ham glaze recipe. Best prepared with a 5kg leg ham - the gift that keeps on giving over the festive season and right through to NYE.


This particular leg is Otway female pork, selected and prepared for us by Crowley’s Butchery & Fine Foods. Shane and his team cure, cook and smoke their hams with a blend of beechwood and pine.

5-6kg Ham Leg
1.5  Cup Marmalade 
0.25 Cup Dijon Mustard
0.5 Cup Whisky (STARWARD)
0.5 Cup Diemen's Stinger Hot Sauce
Blazed Ham scored
First heat your oven to 200C then place the ham on a clean cutting board and remove the rind. Trim the remaining white fat with a knife so you end up with just a thin layer of fat on the ham leg.
At this stage you want to make your Xmas ham look pretty by scoring in a diamond pattern. With the tip of your knife start at the leg end scoring diagonally across again and again less then an inch from the next until you have reached the end. Repeat in the opposite direction to end up with a diamond pattern all across the ham. 
Stud the middle of each diamond with a clove, it’s tradition! Once finished place on a baking tray lined with foil and put aside. 
Blazed Ham glaze
Now it's time for the glaze. 
Mix the marmalade, mustard, Diemen’s Stinger Hot Sauce and STARWARD Whisky in a pot and simmer until thickened slightly (~5 mins). Season to taste. Afterward strain through a sieve and you should be left with a syrupy glaze. 
Blazed Ham glaze
Blazed Ham glaze
Now just brush all over the ham and roast for 35–40 minutes, basting with the glaze every 10/15 minutes until the ham is golden and caramelised.
Blazed Ham glazing
Serve up some Christmas joy!
Diemen's Blazed Ham finish!
Diemen's Blazed Ham

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