Diemen's Tasmania

Diemen's is Australia’s only native hot sauce, fired by locally-grown chilies and Tasmania's mountain pepper Tasmannia Lanceolata. Grown in the pristine, cool rainforests of Southern Tasmania, the Diemen pepper berry gives our hot sauce a distinctive fruity flavour with hints of Aussie bush.

The peppery zing comes from a compound called polygodial, which gives Diemen’s chilli a satisfying spicy kick.

“Tasmania’s wild mountain pepper can be up to five times hotter than ordinary black pepper, with a different taste sensation to chilli. Prized by chefs for its lingering afterburn.”  

- The Australian, June 17, 2014

Diemen's Native Mountain Pepper


We reckon our hot sauce is one of the best in the world, but why take our word for it? Find out what our happy customers have to say.

“Diemen’s has been a massive hit. The bottles sit on every table, and really liven up our crab boils, adding a good amount of heat to our soft shell crab sliders. Even a lug on our fresh prawns goes down a treat. Our bartenders love them because they add a new dimension to Bloody Marys and Micheladas compared to Tabasco. Diemen’s is super versatile, high quality and the customers love it.”

- Stuart Moss, Owner, The Rochester Castle Hotel, Fitzroy.  


"Diemen's has that real unique flavour compared to any other traditional hot sauce, it speaks to the Australian culture which is present in the wonderful Tasmannia Lanceolata.
If you are looking for a hot sauce that mixes perfectly with a eye fillet steak or any other steak this is the sauce you want, even goes brilliantly with pork!"

- Gary McBean, Owner, Gary's Quality Meats, Prahran Market.  

“When hot wants to party... it calls DIEMEN’S.”

- Dante, Owner, Huxtaburger.  

"DIEMEN'S was a clear choice for us at Smith & Daughters. We've always provided a variety of hot sauces for our customers and DIEMEN'S stands heads above the rest, it's flavourful, it's hot and it's made in Australia. Can't ask anything better. Plus I love that the Stinger is actually a hot, hot sauce. So many claim it, but the Stinger sincerely has heat. Love giving customers a warning whenever they unscrew that red cap!"

- Mo Wise, Owner, Smith & Daughters.  

“I use DIEMEN’S hot sauces in all my venues across Melbourne and Perth, we have had great success with our DIEMEN’S Hot Wings nights at The Aviary. The new range of tomato ketchup and smokin’ barbecue are banging! I love them. I couldn't make it better myself. The range is cost effective and a brilliant product with zero labour. The branding fit’s my venues which are fun and casual food spaces.”

- Telina, Executive Chef, The Publican Group

“I use the range of DIEMEN’S products. I pride myself on using high quality Australian products & DIEMEN’S delivers quality. I find their products very versatile and use them as condiments in several venues across the group and also in some of our dishes on menus for both pop-ups and restaurants. Most recently I featured DIEMEN’S sauces at BBQ Beer Roadshow Festival with nothing but great feed back from our customers.”

- Nick Baker, Executive Sous Chef, Mantle Group

“DIEMEN'S is a nice tasting, clean ‘Down-Under' product that ticks all the boxes that Harris Farm Markets stand by. I’ve found the hot sauce category is getting more and more popular, even my partner puts it on everything!”

- Lisa, Store Manager Bondi Beach, Harris Farm Markets

“DIEMEN'S goes great on oysters as it has that Louisiana flavour everyone craves for but you get that native pepper kick too! Having lived in America for several years as an oyster shucker it's fantastic to see an Australian option that gives diners a talking point, which adds to the oyster eating experience.”

-  Jerry Fraser, Owner, The Oyster King



The Sauce – Douglas and Derrick Compeau

Diemen’s secret recipe has been on the drawing board since Douglas and Derrick were kids. The twin brothers have experimented with hot sauces for decades, but came up with the unique Diemen’s during after a bushwalk in Tasmania. “We were looking for a uniquely Australian herb or spice and once we encountered the mountain pepper's intense kick on the front of the tongue, we knew we found something special,” Derrick says. The Canadian-born brothers have also built their own successful marketing agencies in the UK and Australia.

The Business – Richard Hack

Since 2000 Richard has been working with top-notch clients including the National Australia Bank, Intel, Consumer Affairs Victoria, TAC, General Electric and Nike. Richard also brings extensive experience as a Strategy Director, with marketing roles at Cadbury Schweppes, Heinz, Fosters and Pernot Ricard to name a few.

The Design – Reece Hobbins

Reece is Diemen’s Marketing Director, having won worldwide acclaim for his design work. Reece has worked as a Creative Director in roles in advertising, marketing and web industries for the past 15 years in Canada, the US and Australia.